The youmi's way

You have a technical project for your institution, museum, school, library or company and you don't know where to start, or you need a technical developer?

How does it work?

1. You have an idea or a project

For example, you want to explain a concept, or you have an idea of an interactive terminal or you need specific software to process your data?

2. We discuss the project

We discuss the project together and find solutions together, whether technical or human.

3. You receive a quotation and an execution plan

Based on your needs we will establish a detailed quotation that includes both the material and the time required for the work. Steps and deadlines will be indicated.

4. We develop the project

We develop the project according to the execution plan, you are kept informed of the different steps and in case of questions we contact you so the project will correspond to your wishes.

5. You receive your project

When the project is finished we deliver it to you, with all the documentation and source files.

6. Nous garantissons notre travail

Something goes wrong?
We guarantee our work for 2 months, we fix bugs for free.

You own the project

We provide you with all the source files and all the documentation, the project becomes yours. You can call on us for a possible update or ask someone else.
You can also distribute your project as you want.

We use free and open source technologies

We encourage as much as possible the use of free and open source software, which allows you to use your project everywhere and to distribute it easily as well as to modify it without having to pay a fortune.