Our technologies

Afin d’être rapide, de controler le travaille et les coûts nous possédons de nombreuse technologies « on site »

PCB Conception

We can design your electronic circuits in particular the coupling with sensors, actuators, and display. We mainly use open source technologies such as Raspberry pi and Arduino.

Software Development

We can develop softwares for multiple educational or non-educational applications such as data analysis or sensor control, triggering of actions (display of images or videos for example), we can also develop interactive games.
We mainly use Python.

Mechanical Parts Design

We can design your mechanical parts by drawing them and then manufacturing them with 3D printers on our premises.


We realize your website for a particular event or to integrate it with your project.
Nous maitrisons de nombreuses technologies web tel que WordPress, PHP et MySQL.

Data analysis algorithm design

We develop complex algorithms to analyze and represent your data. We can integrate these algorithms into intuitive graphical interfaces so that they can be used by as many people as possible.

Python conversion

We convert your scientific software written in Matlab©, Fortran or C/C++ into an open code written in Python. Our team will convert your code and will run multiples test to insure code stability and the absence of bug. We also provide all the needed documentations.

Web Hosting

We manage the hosting of your website or web application on our highly available and flexible servers. This allows us to host all types of applications.
In particular, we master the Angular, VueJS and React technologies.

Paper Cutting

We have a high-speed paper cutter, which allows us to cut paper in a precise and original way. It also allows the production of small series of cuttings.

(Coming soon) Laser Cutting

We can cut various materials (plastics, wood, metal ...) using our high power and precision laser cutting machine. For the moment we can use a cutting machine that is not in our premises.

Use of external companies

In case your project requires technologies that we don't have, we call on external companies and manage all the contacts for you.