About Youmi

Youmi is a small company located in Lausanne, Switzerland. We started our adventure in 2018.


Youmi is a young company created in 2018 by Antoine Masson. We are located in Lausanne, Switzerland.


Its aim is to help professionals in the cultural sector or elsewhere to develop and design their technical ideas such as interactive terminals, games or scientific software.


We provide training on technical subjects such as electronics or programming for children or adults.

Workshop maker

We can design a custom workshop for children or adults where the participants leave with an original object that they have assembled.


The project may require many skills such as particular design, graphic design, photography ... We can work with your professionals or propose solutions based on our network.


Our projects are always delivered with all source files and documentation so that you can be as free as possible with your project. We use as much free and open source software as possible so that you can use your projects everywhere and distribute them easily if you wish.

A project manager

Depending on the project, we can take care of everything, from ordering the equipment, designing the parts, electronics and software to installation and commissioning at your premises. We also train your staff and provide all the documentation so that you are leading your project.


We have already collaborated with museums and professional.

Antoine Masson is the owner of Youmi

After a PhD in physics, many years as a developer of scientific equipment. I decided to take the plunge to provide you with my skills to develop your technical solutions.
I have many skills in scientific software development but also in sensors and electronics as well as in the design of mechanical parts.
I have also worked in several science museums to design and run scientific and technical workshops.

We work with educational institutions: museums, schools, libraries ...

We help these institutions to develop their exhibition solutions (interactive terminals, pedagogical support ...).

We work with professionals, industrials ...

We help them to develop their technical solutions (customized software, electronics or mechanical development ...).

We organize and develop customized technical trainings

You would like to organize a training on a technical subject such as programming, electronics, 3D printing for children or adults.

We develop scientific workshops

We develop and can animate scientific workshops in which the participants leave with an object developed especially for the occasion.

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